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Post-Christian Era Evangelism: Programs or Personal

the last supper

 Evangelism has become more and more challenging as our culture has become less and less moored to its Christian heritage. The old ways of thinking, and the old ways of doing “outreach” and “evangelism” do not connect with most people today (and even less so here in New England). Here is the material that the men discussed in our first session at the men’s retreat. It is an effort to help us understand how to think and approach evangelism among people who do not know truth, and who no longer think of the church as a place that provides a Read full article [...]

Romans 1, Homosexuality, and the Judgment of God


In my current preaching series through Romans, our church family had to join with me in navigating the ethical high wire act Romans 1:24-32—the New Testament passage that most clearly and thoroughly discusses the sin of homosexuality. This article is an “edited for reading” version of my two sermon manuscripts on that passage. It is not intended to answer every question that could be asked. Nor does it give any attention to the liberal views of Paul’s writings that attempt to simply dismiss or negate his words by some twist of historical, cultural or literary mumbo-jumbo. It is an attempt Read full article [...]

How To Win A Spiritual Battle

spiritual warfare

  Spiritual Warfare: How to Win How to win a spiritual battle To human reasoning, it seems impossible for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ to accomplish great spiritual feat. To the Jew, the cross is a stumbling block. To the Greek, the cross is foolishness. But to God, it is powerful to rescue His saints from the clutches of the enemy. The most powerful, mighty, dominating, significant event ever to have taken place in the history of Creation is the death of Christ upon the cross. Never has there been a more decisive battle fought. The crucifixion is a spiritual Read full article [...]

Jesus and Mack Trucks – Part Two

crown of thorns mack truck

Jesus and Mack Trucks – Part 2 If you haven’t already, it may help to read the first installment of this post. You can find it here. What does a Christian look like if they are truly a Christian? In other words, how are they different from the rest of the people in the world? How should they be different? To continue following the Mack Truck analogy, what changes to the person take place after impact by the Mack Truck Gospel? Is it how a person dresses? Is it how they talk? Is it what they don’t say? Is it Read full article [...]

“Gay Marriage” – Why Government Shouldn’t be in the Wedding Business


  We should have never let the government get into the marriage business! Marriage is not the government’s business. Marriage was originally an institution of religion, accepted from the beginning of time by virtually every society and culture known to man (and virtually every religion as well). While it was accepted by society (and its governments), it was not defined by society or government. Until now! This acceptance of the institution of marriage by society and government has always been predicated on two very simple interrelated facts that are affirmed by nature. First, marriage is between a man and a Read full article [...]

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones on loving the local church

I was doing a little study in preparation for our elder’s retreat this weekend, and ran across these punchy observations regarding a difficult passage (1 John 2:19 – “They went out from us, but they were not really of us; for if they had been of us, they would have remained with us; but they went out, so that it would be shown that they all are not of us”). It should be observed, he is making observations largely as it pertained to England, which has the Church of England, a state recognized church. Even so, I don’t think his Read full article [...]

Stress – A Biblical Perspective (part four)

        This is part 4 of a 5 part series.    This series was written for my friends in the cardiac-rehab program at Valley Regional Hospital.   The Principle of Prayer Praying to God for help is similar to a child asking a parent for help. The child struggles and struggles while the parent watches patiently, aware of the struggle, waiting for the child to just ask. When the child asks, the parent complies and gladly lends a hand. Sometimes, the way the parent helps is not exactly what the child expected.  A good loving parent will provide the help needed Read full article [...]

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